1. Do you take credit cards?
Yes we take all major credit cards. 
2. What clothing do we need?
            Suitable outdoor clothing.
3. How much is the deposit?
The deposit is £45 Per Game  
4. If some of our party do not turn up do they lose the deposit?
Yes. The whole purpose of the deposit is to confirm a genuine booking. We are a business. Lost deposits from absent customers help to off-set our overheads in the organisation of their events. in Fact if they cancel they lose 100% of the deposit but do not have to pay the balance. 
5. What are your terms and conditions?
A £45 per Game booking deposit, with the remainder payable 14 working days before commencement of the events. Deposits are non refundable 
6. What is the minimum size group?
 If we have to set up on a day when we have no one else the minimum numbers are either 8 people or £200, whichever is the greater 
7. How do I find out your prices without making a firm booking?
By phoning 01253 313175 and giving us the amount of people, the events wanted, the venue required, and the date we would then work out a no obligation quote for you, often there and then, depending on the events, or if it is a standard event look on our prices page on the web site. 
8. What notice do you need for booking (shortest time from book to event)?
That depends if you want to guarantee the day, you could leave it until a couple of days before, but then find we are fully booked, leaving you with nothing to do. We do have bookings months in advance and it is first come first served. Sometimes it is possible to phone on the day, and fit around other people as long as you can fit in with the events we currently are running that day. 
9. Do you have a mobile unit that can come to us?
          Yes we can come to your venue, works, campsite, school etc this is £600 per day, ( Based on a 8hr day including travel) and is totally self 
          contained, with hides, guns, staff etc, there is a mileage charge free within 30 miles of  Blackpool, then £0.45p a mile for any events over             30 miles
10. Do you give discounts for large parties?
No the events and prices are meant for large parties average size is between 16 to 36, but we don’t penalise small ones and charge extra. 
11. What is the minimum number of people you can book
unless it states otherwise, minimum party size is 8 people 
12. Is their a credit card & debit card surcharge?
13. What happens if we cancel?
if you cancel before the final payment which is 3 weeks before the event, you lose just the deposit, but do not need pay the balance, if you cancel less than 3 weeks from the event, the full amount will be payable, as we will have paid the land hire and are unlikely to get the money back for two reasons, one they will normally not fill the spaces at such short notice,