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Be The Mission Leader of Your Own Fully Mobile Laser Action Tag Warfare Franchise 

If you’ve ever had a go at paint ball then you will know how much fun it is, apart from the bruising and changes of clothing needed and the purchase of additional paint balls.  What makes it even more fun is being able to play it outdoors, typically in a Wooded location, adding to the suspense.

Evolving from Paint ball is the traditional laser tag game.  These are a really fun way of getting the same adrenaline fueled high but without the mess, bruising or additional costs.  The downsides to these are that they need to be played indoors, in the dark, and you have to wear a jacket with wires attached from the jacket to your weapon.

Enter our unique proposition.

A fully mobile, wireless laser tag system that can be played anywhere indoors or outdoors, daytime or night time.  We use infra-red that can reach as far as 900 feet so as to avoid damaging peoples’ eyes.

 A way to capitalize on the demand for adrenaline fueled pursuits without any of the downsides.

  • No mess
  • No bruising
  • No fixed location
  • No extra costs

We present to you an opportunity that is both low in start-up costs and high in profits.

 Our Action Tag Warfare franchise is destined to be the market leader.

 We only charge you the cost price for the weaponry and associated equipment and then take a small weekly fee .

 This way it is in our own interest to help you succeed.

Professional laser tag equipment

As an Action Tag Warfare franchise owner you always have the most up to date weapons.  (Instead of selling you weapons we lease them to you), ensuring the best laser tag equipment is part of your business at all times, with lifetime guarantee and free software updates.

 You are in a unique position – we are the leading company producing wireless connectivity.  This means there are no dangly wires getting I the way of your gun when you are moving around and there is no bulky vest to wear.

 The wireless units are typically placed onto machine washable camouflaged headbands.

Potential earnings of an Action Tag Warfare franchise

With just two x 2 hour events per day you could earn in the region of £100,000 per year.  This is with just one set of equipment.  There is no reason why you cannot utilise additional weapon sets to increase earnings even further still.

 As you start out you may only sell 2 x 2 hour events per week.  Earnings are typically around £150 to £200 per 1 or 2 hours so it only takes a few orders per week to get you going within this very attractive laser tag franchise opportunity.

Fully Mobile

You travel to where they want to play (over 20 miles’ chargeable delivery) – indoor, outdoor, office block etc.

Target market

  • Children’s parties – very popular (at their home, or a club hall etc.)
  • Team bonding sessions
  • Corporate events
  • Youth clubs
  • Schools
  • etc.! 

Contact us today to find out why this mission will be your must successful one to date over and out!

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