“Tango Alpha Golf, do you read me?” 

“Copy.  Roger that”

“Enemy located at 4 o’clock and they’re heading east, over”


“You take the accounts office.  Bogie and I will hit the drawing room”

“Roger, copy that. Over and out”


Welcome to Action Tag Warfare – the home of exhilarating mobile wireless laser tag warfare sessions from the ages of 8 to 80!  Perfect for stag, hag and hen parties, corporate events, kid’s parties and more.  

Action Tag Warfare is the new paint ball, but without the bruises!   With our advanced mobile laser tag systems, we come to you.  You provide the space and we provide the artillery and gear.  Together we defeat the enemy. 

Our advanced laser tag equipment is wireless and modern and will make the whole experience more thrilling.   Laser tag for kids, office bonding and more   Our fully mobile service is perfect for parties, team bonding sessions, corporate events, stag and hen parties and even just for good old fun.  Pick up either the G19 rifle or G17 pistol and dive straight in. Your mission will begin the your aim being to win.   You decide where you want to hold your next battle and we will bring everything to you. 

Ideal for a birthday party, or for fun events for companies to take part in.   Battle wherever you choose!   If you want to settle a score with an old friend then there is no finer way than to challenge them to a battle.  A battle that tests you on all levels and ultimately leads you to victory.  There is no finer heroic way of letting them know who the true champion is.    Wherever you want and at a time to suit, we provide a fully mobile laser tag gaming system.  These make for such immense fun.   Imagine using your company offices for a fun event.  It will help bond you all together as well as make for a superb talking point for weeks after. 

Sniper activity behind the water fountain!  A main battle taking place in the stairwell!  Epic!   Perfect for kid’s parties from the age of 8 right up to age 80.  The fun just keeps on coming.  Your kids will adore these sessions as the pace is fast and full of action and suspense.  Looking over your shoulder and at the same time trying to take out an opponent, only to then be hit by another person to the left!   Battle around the garden using bushes as cover.  Or woodland is often a loved venue.   Add some action to a corporate event and get people involved.  It’s time to challenge the other departments to a dual!  

A laser tag party at home is one option.  Turn out the lights and get geared up and draw out your battle plans.  Invite your friends along and make it a party they will never forget.  The realistic weaponry will help enhance the realism of the whole experience.   Nobody can lie about their “amazing abilities”.    If “John” says he took out 30 men with just 60 rounds you simply have to look at the computer printout you get at the end.  John will feel pretty bad when it’s revealed he actually only killed two men and fired almost 800 rounds!  Eek!   Amazing fun with amazing laser tag equipment   Enter into some of the most exhilarating times you will ever encounter when you undertake action tag warfare laser tag. 

With action tag warfare we bring the fun to you.  Your office, school, club or the local area.  Everywhere is capable of being your next battle ground.   Benefits of Action Tag Warfare laser tag   With our supervised marshaled service, we bring the whole experience to you.   If your kids love to play Call of Duty, Black ops etc. then they will love doing it for real, or the next best thing to it!    By joining in a party your kids get to use their social skills instead of being sat in front of a computer day in day out, and they will enjoy the added exercise that invariably goes with the whole experience.   Unlimited ammunition – unlike paint ball!   These events are proven to improve office based communication and increase performance and make so much sense to help make the workplace a better place to work.   Where can you play and how much will it cost?

 We are expanding across the UK so please check out our current locations.  If you live within a 30-mile radius of our Head Office FY4 4TL, then travel charges are free!  Also see where you can play action tag fixed location where you come to us.

 Prices are generally fixed based upon a 

(Minimum of £200 for 1 hour) for upto 10 players additional players £20pp

(Minimum of £250 for 1.5 hrs ) for upto 10 players additional players £25pp

(Minimum of £300 for 2 hrs ) for upto 10 players additional players £30pp

 Your order comes complete with a Marshall / operator, barricades and all equipment.

Get in touch and set a date for your duel.  The mission starts here – are you tough enough to take it?

For games over 30 miles from HQ the price is a set £600 for upto 4 hrs play, and £0.45p per mile return travel 

For longer games and anything over 90 miles please ring for a quote

CALL 07889444393 NOW!!!


Blackpool’s Action Tag Warfare has designed a new one of a kind mobile event based on Action Tag Ltd’s Milsim Killlhouse.

It is a mobile target shooting wall shot at by laser tag guns. And as laser tag is used, there is no projectiles, no mess and no danger.

It features 4 different games starting from knock out all the targets in the quickest time against an electronic timer to get on the leader board as the faster shooter.

To in my opinion the most fun one based on the old wack a mole game, each target will light up randomly for 1.5 seconds colored red, in that time you have to spot it, aim and hit it, before it, goes out and a different one comes on. So, combines speed with accuracy, however beware as randomly one of the targets will flash green and if you hit that one it deducts 10 shots, sounds easy? When you only have 1.5 seconds to spot aim and hit, adding the different colors with the adrenaline ramped up, you often pull the trigger before you realize it is the wrong color. There is also a child’s version of this with the targets staying on longer.

It is a fun event for both individuals and crowds as everyone is competing against the electronic timer in order to either be the fastest or highest scorer, to get onto the leader board.

The whole thing is mounted on a popup exhibition stand, so can be brought to a venue of your choice and put up in any room or pop up gazebo, so suitable for hire for birthday parties, bonfire night parties, works outings, corporate events, car boots, any where there will be a group of people looking for a fun, safe, environmentally safe event, to keep them entertained.

Book this for your event by calling Ron on 0788944439